Hello Nelson,
Just now used our new wood-splitter,
and I am very satisfied with the product!
At 60, with no previous experience splitting wood
 - my wife and I have split about
22 to 24 cords (4x8) in 10.5 hours of work.
Very good start !
- Serge V.

These strong machines are dedicated to providing our customers with the highest quality log splitter available on the market. 

Originally designed as commercial splitters for Rental Stores, Forestry and Firewood resellers, and other logging commercial businesses -- these same machines offer that same top quality to our residential customers. 
Whether you need a lot of firewood for your wood burning stove or just an occasional fire in your fireplace, we have the wood splitter to meet your needs.  

The toughest log splitters available, with the best prices -- for sure, these are the best-valued Wood Splitters available on the market!